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Proudly Presented by the Video Marketing Group

10 Hot Business Leads

Are you good at what you do but just have no interest in cold calling? Well I have good news for you. I am now providing manually sourced and generated leads of business owners in your niche target sector and location.

What you get:

Company name
Telephone Number
What they responded with to the outbound email sent to them. For example ....

"Hi Tony, Please could you give me a little more details about the business and what you are looking to do?


1. Who is the contact person? - Decision maker
2. Are they leads for any niche I want? - Yes
3. Can they be from any area I request? - Yes

These leads are NOT sold over and over. They are HOT and are Exclusive for the person who buys them.

Once they are bought they are removed from the data base.

These leads are sourced, approached and then delivered in real time so there is usually very little time to wait for leads to be delivered. Typically 10 leads within a week, 20 within 2 weeks, 50 within a month.

There won't be an issue with validity of the leads because the details are verified and made sure they are correct before posting on the spreadsheet you get given access to.

As the leads are generated they are added to the the spreadsheet so for example if you ordered 50 leads you do not have to wait one month to get them. You can access them as they are added. I just require one month to generate them.

Now I want to make one thing very clear. All I can do is provide you with a hot lead. I can not guarantee you sales. That is up to you to establish what is needed and wanted and to sell the lead your service.

By ordering this Gig you agree not to request a refund. I guarantee that the leads I supply are current and will include full verified contact details including name, email, telephone number, website and actual response text.

All this will be recorded on a Google spreadsheet that you will have 24/7 unlimited access to.


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