SSL CERTIFICATE + PADLOCK (ssl certification https://) GOOGLE 2018 UPDATE

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Get SSL Certificate installed properly in your web server to secure and encrypt your website, eCommerce site, WordPress Blog or your hosting control panels

This Gig is for SSL Certificate Installation only. Your are not ordering a SSL Certificate. NO Host Gator Shared Hosting. Any confusions, please contact me before placing an order to avoid later issues.

- Domain Validation
- Organization Validation
- Wildcard
- Multi Domain
- Extended Validation

- Dedicated/VPS linux Servers.
- Reseller / Shared
- Supported Control Panels: cPanel, Plesk, Kloxo, ZPanel, Vesta, VirtualMin and more
- Supported Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, LAMP, LEMP, IIS
- WordPress / E-commerce Online Stores

- Need Analysis
- Suggesting and recommending the most appropriate SSL Certificate depending upon your requirement
- SSL certificate processing and certificate signing

- A detailed report will be provided on delivery confirming SSL Installation and SSL backup

- 1 Year DV SSL for $20
- SSL Certificate renewal
- Green Padlock Fix
- HTTP to HTTPS redirection


Can I have https for my website?

Yes sure you can !!! But first I will need to check if your hosting supports SSL Installation. You must then purchase a SSL Certificate (I can suggest SSL type) which I can process and install for your domain. SSL Processing will cost extra. The basic $5 gig doesn't include SSL Processing.

After the SSL installation, my site doesn't display the green padlock when visited on https.
Once SSL certificate is installed for your domain the site can be browsed under https but before it can display the proper green padlock / gray padlock (in some browsers), the site will have to be made https compatible. You can check my packages or gig extras for the SSL https compatibility service

Can you deliver within few hours of time?
Yes I surely can, but please note that all required information and login credentials must be provided. $10 for 24h delivery!

More Information regarding Packages!
Basic - SSL Installation only, you will have to provide the SSL Files Standard - SSL Processing (Getting your certificate Signed where it was purchased and SSL Installation) Premium - SSL Processing, Installation, Green Padlock Fix, Site SSL Compatibility and redirection from http to https.


SSL Installation on single domain. SSL processing will be extra.


BASE + SSL Processing on where you purchased the SSL. (Installation Included)


BASE + PRO, Green Padlock Fix (like on and redirection from http to https. A-Z Installation.
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2 months ago
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4 months ago
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5 months ago
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