10 Adsense Micro Niche Sites - Makes You min. $1000 Per Month

SEO/Content Creation
20 days estimated (25 days guaranteed) >
22 days on average

10 Quality Adsense Authority Sites

Guaranteed to Make You min. $1000 Per Month

  • It works 100%
  • Earnings Will Start in Less than 7 days ( Guaranteed )
  • 100% Genuine Method
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Express Delivery
  • Min. $100+ Earning per Site Per Month Or 30 Days Full 100% Money Back Guaranteed .
Each Of the Sites will make you $100 to $1000 very easily. We provide quality contents and Quality Seo services that take the site in top ranking. In this way the site goes up and receives all the targeted traffic that the keyword possess.
We have strong and quality adsense experts who do research and find the most profitable niche for you. Each Niche Avg. CPC is Almost $1.5 with over 2000+ direct monthly searches. We have so much confident in on our services that we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the 10 sites does not earn You $1000+ minimum in the 1st month we will refund you your money back – or give it a further free boost (you to decide). NO OTHER COMPANY can Provide you such an offer with these sites.

Our average site makes $ 136 first month!

Features Of Each Site :
  • 1 Niche With min. 2000+ Monthly Searches
  • 3-4 Sub niches
  • Exact Match Domain ( .Com , .Net , .Org )
  • Min. 5 Unique Articles
  • Premium SEO Optimized Theme
  • Logo Included
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us and About Us Page will be Provided
  • Full SEO Optimization
  • On Page SEO Will Be Provided
  • Off Page SEO Will be Provided
  • 1 Pinterest Board
  • 1 Video
  • Authorship
  • Sites Will be submitted to Google And All Major Search Engines
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Minimum $100+ Revenue in Adsense per Month per Site
  • So Go Ahead And Order Now And Start Earning

To see Demo Site Please Contact me.


Do I need an Adsense Account?
Yes sure you do. If You don't have one already? - Order ekstra.

Can I choose my own niche?
No, it takes too long trying to research for a new niche and make it run this way.

Can you guarantee me similar monthly earnings from my own already purchased domains and sites?
Yes, please pm me, but it will be a totally different setup.

Do I need to purchase hosting plan?
Yes you need hosting and you must install wp and give us wp-login details. We will guide you if you don't have already.

Do you setup the Domain?
No, the domain is yours to keep and own. We tell you what domain(s) is/are free to register and you do that.

What’s is my job after the sites are up and running?
You will have to run typical maintenance. Hosting and domain, back linking, etc...once we are done and earnings are confirmed on monthly basis we'll hand it over to you and it'll be yours to take care of from then on.

Is the earnings consistent?
Yes, and you'll keep earning every month. You can even improve it with a little help from normal SEO and different trafficsources and affiliatelinks.

When will I start earning?
Users use to earn money within the first 7 days after setup.

Can you guarantee me higher monthly earnings?
Yes, please pm me.

I can have these sites cheaper from other vendors – why should I buy from you?
I give you a full report related to your purchased site(s). I will tell you exactly what to do next to let your site(s) make you much more than $100 per month per site.

Let us Know if you have further questions.

Order instruktions After Placing Order
Provide us with your name, address, country, city, state.
We need the paypal Transaction ID and Adsense account. (In case you have been band from Adsense before please let us know).

Before you order - please consider this offer:

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It was good. It was simple and good.
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Great service. Very thorough. Quick to make revisions
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Great trust metrics on these websites and they look great.
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