Rank Authority PBN - Up to 30+ TF/CF and 40+ DA/PA Permanent Homepage Backlinks

10 days estimated (14 days guaranteed) >
14 days on average

SPECIAL Price - ONLY in KonKer!

- Silver Package (25 Links) $64 - $5 off!
- Gold Package (50 Links) $109 - (Choose the upgrade to order this)

- Platinum Package (100 Links) $204 - (Choose the upgrade to order this)

This special discount will be available for a very limited time!

Hey Guys! I'm Maulana T from IM Powerhouse.

We are one of the Biggest and Most Successful SEO service provider in Source Market, Warrior Forum and BHW forum. As of right now our company consist of 40+ SEO and Link Building expert and we have always updated our link building method to make sure that it will always work with the latest Google algorithm changes. Currently we have achieved more than 1490+ Top 10 rankings in Google from all of our SEO services combined and we are not slowing down!

We are offering our brand new PBN service - Rank Authority for the first time ever on Source Market. In this package, you are purchasing the Rank Authority 25 links package (Silver) at a very special price! You can also order the Bigger packages by choosing one of the Upgrade option in the bottom of this page. All domains in this PBN are checked by my own proprietary methods.

Here are the average domain stats of this PBN:

  • Trust Flow (TF) = 18+
  • Citation Flow (CF) = 18+ 
  • Referring Domains (RD) = 20+ (minimum 10+)
  • Domain Authority (DA) = 18+
  • Page Authority (PA) = 18+
  • Non spammy backlink profile
  • On .com, .net, .org, .info TLD

Take a look at the full details below!


Our Links Replacement Guarantee:
There will be 60 days replacement policy after order is completed for
problem such as sites de-indexing and metrics drop (which very rarely happen).
Also, your links will be guaranteed to be live for 1 years. We will keep it
live as long as possible!

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2 days ago
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2 days ago
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2 days ago
Great job! Thanks!
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5 days ago
Fantastic service, have used other companies before, found these to be the best.
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12 days ago
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15 days ago
Awesome! I will order again.
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22 days ago
This is deception and fraud. don't buy service. Do not give a link report. Lying in private correspondence. For security reasons, we just provide 30% screenshots from total links. These are very powerful links that is coming from a very powerful & high quality network. You should start seeing Rank increase within the next 2 to 4 weeks. All links has been indexed using a powerful indexing tool. If you have some problem regarding this order or need some modification, feel free to contact us via our support help desk: http://impowerhouse.kayako.com/
Thumb avatar148979 2
20 days ago
Hello, we have stated inside the sales letter clearly that you will get partial report. It will need to be in the screenshot format to protect the integrity of this network so that your links and your results in Google will last longer and more safe. We have provided the full screenshot of our work as an additional proof that all work has been completed as specified.
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23 days ago
All good!
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25 days ago
great links
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25 days ago
Great links as always! Until next order!
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over 1 year ago
Your domains are indexed
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over 1 year ago
Do you accept multiple URL?
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12 months ago
This seller is a SCAMMER and I think alex becker is also in on the scam the prick!!! I ordered and this joker failed to deliver on time! It has disappeared from the list of purchases and no refund has been issued.So I have been forced to go through a Paypal dispute and this is where becker the cock sucker is in on the scam because you cannot get a refund on the source wave processing fee!!!
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11 months ago
how to use those pbn links? am confused a bit, is the article they write will include my site? or they will provide me article to post on my site?
Thumb honorable seo
10 months ago
Is it all legit with seo epicness?
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9 months ago
Can I see some samples please?
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8 months ago
Hello.Have you pbns of tech niches ?Can i get backlinks from articles with my content?
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3 months ago
I placed an order and it was cleared out of my account, not sure what's happening. 
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Online4 minutes ago



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We are one of the largest SEO service provider in Source Market, Warrior Forum and BHW. With over 1200+ first page rankings that we've achieved right now, we offer one of the best solution in safe link building and PBN.

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