SUPERSTRONG DA100 Backlinks from Wikipedia [Niche Relevent]

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SUPERSTRONG DA100 Backlinks from Wikipedia [Niche Relevent]

A Bit of History:
Everyone knows how hard it can be to get Wikipedia links nowadays. Your link can easily be removed if the editors are not satisfied with it. Many people give up on Wikipedia links because of this simple fact. They end up giving up on so much power and authority and the benefits that could come up after that. [Even if it's no-follow]

How to Solve this Problem:
Getting links from foreign Wikipedia is the easiest way out, they have less content which means that they can most probably be accepted. For example, we are working with a Swahili Wikipedia which is a good option.
At the moment we are working with a Swahili Wikipedia, but soon we will work with diverse foreign Wikipedias.

What to Exactly Expect:
Since these Wikipedias do not have a lot of content, even for general topics that people know of, you will most likely get a page. This means that maybe if your site is about perfumes, and there is absolutely nothing on perfumes on the Swahili Wikipedia, then our job will be to build you a page and link it to yours effortlessly. It is difficult to do this for every site, and that is why this is only for your niche. If the niche has no information whatsoever, we will have to create a fresh and new page, but we can edit an already informative page, and in any case, your link will be visible.

What are our requirements?
We will require you to send us your INNER PAGE link so that we can access the page extensively, and the link should be CONTENT RICH and a keyword for that matter. To make it look original and natural, we may use a different keyword that is familiar to the one you will have provided.

Note: You will be getting a nofollow link from

We don't work with adult/pharma/casino/gambling types of websites.

Refund Policy:
There are only 2(two) cases in which we will refund you.
* If we do not get you a link.
* If the link goes down in a span of 30 days, we will get you another one.
NB://We are highly experienced with the said process, so we do not expect any of that to happen as we have links for more than four months there.

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9 days ago
Truly niche relevent. Happy to secure such amazing link from wiki. Thanks
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14 days ago
Well done!!!!
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23 days ago
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about 1 month ago
I can't believe this my client is so happy with the result and the keyword has moved from #9 to #5 with just 1 wiki link. Thanks alot will be placing more orders soon. Highly Recommended.
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about 2 months ago
great! my second order...planing on placing more!
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about 2 months ago
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2 months ago
great work, and got the exact niche
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2 months ago
Good service got delivery in 48 hours and the link is live.
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3 months ago
Thumb matt semple thumb 250x357 103628
3 months ago
Link is live and the most important thing to me is that I get a relevent link from a very trusted source. Recommended.!
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5 days ago
The article you have shared here very good. This is really interesting information for me. Thanks for sharing! webnovel
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