5 Links From websites Avg RD 80+ PA 30+ DA 20+ TF 30+ (Auctioned Domains )

12 days estimated (17 days guaranteed) >
18 days on average

Welcome to the store..
This is a new service that I have started after buyers request.
I will take not more than 15 orders a month on this service. if you see this gig at a price of $75 then feel free to order. But I do suggest to shoot me a message before placing an order on this particular gig.
As the title suggests, you will get links from real looking websites with the mentioned metrics.
There will be manual written content only.

All the domains have been won via auction.
This is a service only for serious buyers..
Infographic will be uploaded soon(A minor Konker's glitch). It will be sorted out soon.
This will be a Flagship service of Uber Seo Expert. Serious steps are taken to make this service successful for the good buyers.

A good care is taken while setting up these websites. A good amount of randomness was added to stay away from creating patterns during website setup, creating content and Bla Bla Bla..:D

Please note: Only partial report would be provided after all links get published. I will always drip feed the links over a period of 20 days. Sometimes even longer as per queue. I might mark the order as complete in order to prevent the order from auto-refunding. But you will be updated for sure. The links will be on homepage for 4-6 weeks (Adding randomness in the days for moving those posts to inner pages). You can ask to keep the links on homepage by renting the homepage spots with an extra cost on monthly basis.

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almost 2 years ago
high quality service, i recommend for high competitive
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I am an expert in the Seo World Brah! I have 5 years of expertise in the field of jacking a website on Serp.

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