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Get 5000+ New York Backlinks & Embeds

...  Blogs themed for 100's of local niches in New York covering:

Plastic Surgery New York
Mechanic New York
Paving New York
Car Financing New York
Handyman Services New York
Wedding Planner New York
Eyelash Extensions New York
Lasik New York
Estate Planning New York
Dentist New York
Architect New York
Events Management New York
Permanent Makeup New York
Real Estate Investment New York
Screen Printing New York
Window Tinting New York
Social Media Marketing New York
Limousine New York
Kitchen Remodeling New York
Tattoo Removal New York
Towing Service New York
Auto Detailing New York
Real Estate Agent New York
Payday Loans New York
Carpet Installation New York
Patent & Trademark Attorney New York
Videographer New York
Fencing Company New York
Hair Salon New York
Countertops New York
Insulation Company New York
Appliance Repair New York
Air Duct Cleaning New York
Flood Restoration New York
Custody Attorney New York
Notary Services New York
Drywall New York
Spa New York
Digital Media & Copyright Attorney New York
Chiropractor New York
Moving Company New York
Hair Restoration New York
Cardiologist New York
Kitchen Cabinets New York
Catering New York
Reputation Management New York
Dental Insurance New York
Deck Company New York
Email Marketing New York
Home Siding New York
Water-Fire Damage New York
Small Business Video Service New York
Title Company New York
Tailor New York
Vape Shop New York
Teeth Whitening New York
Duct Cleaning New York
Dent Repair New York
Online Marketing New York
Accident Attorney New York
Christmas Lights New York
Credit Repair New York
Autobody Repair New York
Home Appraisal New York
Golf Lessons New York
Personal In-Home Chef New York
Wedding Officiant New York
Carpet Cleaning New York
Car Rental New York
Dermatologist New York
Mobile Marketing New York
Malpractice New York
Veterinary Care New York
Swimming Lessons New York
Pool Installation New York
Pest Control New York
Web Developer New York
Pet Grooming New York
Fitness Center New York
Theatre Systems New York
Asbestos Services New York
Water Heater New York
Printing Company New York
Pawn Shop New York
Dry Cleaning New York
Bathroom Remodeling New York
Flower Shop New York
Used Car Dealer New York
Snow Removal New York
Mobile App Development New York
Window Replacement New York
Public Relations Consultant New York
Animal Training New York
Bricklaying New York
Concrete New York
Yoga Classes New York
Custom Home Builder New York
Bail Bonds New York
Dating Service New York
DJs New York
Business Lending New York
Septic Systems New York
Private Investigator New York
Laser Hair Removal New York
Flooring Company New York
Kitchen & Bath New York
Roofer New York
Photography New York
Veneers New York
Painter New York
Merchant Processing New York
Storage Facility New York
Garage Door New York
Air Conditioner Services New York
Retirement Planning New York
Paving & Concrete New York
Healthcare-General New York
Tax Service New York
Lawn Service New York
Phone Repair New York
Travel Agent New York
Car Insurance New York
DUI Lawyer New York
Gutter Cleaning New York
Curbing New York
Construction Contractor New York
SEO Services New York
Graphic Designer New York
Window Washing New York
Electrician New York
Local SEO Marketing New York
Pressure Washing New York
Insurance Agent New York
Furnace Repair New York
Mold Remediation New York

And many 100's more I just can't fit them all here in the list.

This Gig is for Anyone who has a Business in New York and Wants to Improve:

- Their Video Ranking.
- Boost a Map Listing.
- Power up Parasite Sites.
- Boost a Website Safely.

If it makes Sense to You to get Geo Targeted Backlinks to your Money URL’s and have your Video or Google Map Embedded on New York Blogs then Order this Gig.

Here is the process I use …

Step 1) I get the text document you send me and review it to see what your purpose is. Maybe its to help boost a Video or boost a Website or rank higher in Google Maps in New York. I grab the keywords that you send me and spin them and place the spintax into the iframe embed code so that each time your Video or Map or Playlist is embedded it has the relevancy of one of your keywords in the iframe.

Step 2) Then I will create a minimum of 5000+ blog posts tiered and themed with your keywords linking out to your money url with the video or map or playlist embedded. These blog posts will be created on blogs themed specifically for New York.

Step 3)
 I will place your business citation (NAP) and raw website link, if appropriate, under what ever you decided to have embedded.

Step 6) All the New York Blog Posts links are then sent for indexing using Money Robot’s propriety indexing system which utilises the Google Webmaster Submit URL with 1000’s of profiled and phone verified Google accounts. Links will naturally get picked up over time. However you are provided with the links so that you may do further indexing if needed.

Step 7) I then add everything into a Google Drive folder and send you a link. You will see a screenshot of the tiered linking structure and of course the blog post links that were created.

NOTE - I use your keywords that you provide with a mix of 90% generic anchor text so it is completely safe.

Summary - What you're getting are Geo Targeted Backlinks on Embeds on Web 2.0 Blogs themed to your keywords on New York Blogs. The Links are Tiered and there are Social Shares, Likes & Views. You are given the Links to prove the work has been done. With this kind of Geo Targeting you have a Very Good chance of Ranking your Videos, Boosting your Map Listings, and Ranking your Sites in a Safe and yet Powerful manner that Google loves in New York.


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New York Blogs

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