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Hi there! Do Web 2.0 Links still boost your ranking? Do they still work?

I am sorry mate, they do not. But they are the perfect filler link, when it comes to optimize your link anchor profile. 

Web 2.0 Anchor Text Strategy
Keep your money anchor for the strong links and use web 2.0 to mix your anchor ratio with more branded and nacked URLs.

What we do
  • create 3 unique german texts
  • at least 1500 words
  • create a new Web 2.0 profile for you
  • link will be dofollow
No spun content! 
  • All manuell written
  • nativ german speakers
What is a private Web 2.0 profile?
That is a web 2.0 profile which we create only for you. You dont need to share it with other users.

Which Web 2.0 Plattforms do we use?

All Web 2.0 plattforms, where we can get a dofollow link for you.
For example:
  • WordPress, Jimdo, wikidot, webnode etc.

Any Extras?
If you wish an article which ranks as well in Google or if you like to have  only an article from a shared Web 2.0 profile 500 manuell written words, than please have a look at our extras and other services.
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3 months ago
Great work, have used these guys on several sites! Google likes this work :) Be back soon
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
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