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Nixlee is a trustable seller with excellent service. He gives quick to respond and always supportive. He even gives useful suggestion to improve my conversion.1 thing I like about him is: He gives his best to see me succeed.That's enough for me to keep ordering his press release service - Ivana Dee (

"My page already made a jump in rankings to page 1 for the given keyword"

"All positions went up and social properties went up also"

"PBN links not helping? This will help you rank much faster! Your site probably has lots of PBN power but NO AUTHORITY. This is the solution to jamming your website up the SERPs very quickly"

Why pay

$419 for PRWeb premium distribution and a PR writer... when you can get the same quality for.

Now $57!

These Are All The Authority News Sites, You Can

Get Published ON!

  • Clients have reported HUGE Google SERP jumps to Page #1!

  • Proven Instant #1 rankings for easy-medium keywords

What people are saying about our services
Konrad- SEO/Internet Marketer

You and I know that leveraging on major news sites to market your product and brand is important and doing this can also get you:-

  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Huge Distribution with Contextual Anchor Text Links
  • Launch Jacking
  • White Hat Authority Builder
  • Improve Google Rankings + Massive Traffic for low to medium competition keywords in 24-48 hours.
  • Boosts your brand awareness and Top of Mind to help you convert higher.
  • More "Traffic", "Sales" Attention" Conversion" and help rank your product or brand website higher.
  • Increase Brand affinity and recall. TOM (Top of MIND)
  • Builds brand perception;  Create an image of a trusted established brand thus allowing you to compete with bigger brands in your marketplace.
  • Have the ability to get featured on major broadcast news outlets like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC (Affiliated Stations like KAIT, KATV, WAGTV) etc..We all want that " AS SEEN ON" badge on our website or to be used in our product and services it sure helps build credibility and hence boost conversions.

All you do is:

1. Place your order

2. Give us some basic info. And we do the rest! You don't need a newsworthy website we'll write something for you and get it approved and distributed through our private news syndication platform.

For the same level of premium distribution WITHOUT a written-for-you press release it normally costs...

1) $169 per distribution on PressCable
2) $369 per distribution on PRWeb


Look, go to any good press release and distribution service and check out how much they are charging? I bet you it is way more than this. Trust me to get your press release into any of these network KAIT, KATV, WAGT and more is not easy. These are stations that are affiliated with main news sites like CBS, ABC, Fox, Google News, NBC.

To reach one of these via services like PRWEB is gonna cost you $369, so If you think your company, offerings or business is worth it, then $57 is a steal. This is the cheapest SEO method you can use that will not break your wallet! - You have seen my results try it. You have nothing to lose, I offer a refund that most of the others do not, why cause I have total confidence in my team and the quality we produce.

This is not a magic pill, Please optimise your website and research your keywords before buying this gig. Ranking a website takes effort and time if you're looking for a fast easy way to rank your site this is not the gig for you!

* Note: These new sites do remove press releases from time to time as part of their clean up. Please take note of this and don't complain to me or demand for a refund. This is something I have no control over.*

 What I AM OFFERING is ONLY $57.

Place an order now to get Boost your SERP!!!


Sexually explicit/adult
Racial issues
Political opinions
Religious opinions
Sex-related/ Sex-related sickness
Escort services
Adult products
Scams or Scam related products
Health claims or product like health supplements & pharmaceuticals
Free Movie Streaming Sites
Games hacking

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your price include a written press release?
YES. You do not pay me any extra from the $57.

What is Included with this $57?
1 Written Press Release Article
Distribution to our private networks of news sites

Do you give a complete and full report? Can I have a sample report?
YES, I give a full report. No, I do not give out sample reports. Don't ask me.

Do you GUARANTEE Rankings?
NO I do not. I'm not your SEO person. I'm a press release supplier for heaven's sake!

Do you do bulk orders?
Yes, I do. Please message me and I will get back to you.

How many news sites do you guarantee?
I do not guarantee any number of news sites since it changes so frequently. Having said that it can average up to 150 - 300 news sites.

Why Does Your Delivery Time Says29 Days?
Delivery time has been set for 29 days to allow you to get your information ready, get approvals and to make changes. I know some of you have trouble getting your client to approve a release, hence the longer delivery date.

Will My Press Release Stay on These News Site Forever?
No, it will not. News sites tend to purge old and irrelevant news from time to time. In order to stay relevant active news sites purge releases as fast as 3-4 months. Press releases work very differently from PBNs. Which is why a release a month is recommended.

Why Don't You Distribute On Fridays?
Fridays are the worst days for a release to go out. Based on research and findings, Mondays to Thursdays are the best days for a release to go out. Don't ask me why, that's what Google says and also, based on experience and testing it shows that the data is accurate.

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3 days ago
Next time i am not going to buy this service. I just checked all the links from the report. Almost 95% links from Its just a waste of money...
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3 days ago
Regardless of your comment I still thank you for your business. Most importantly is the results you achieved. Those who used this service understand how it works and have been getting serp results. Unless the results is bad your comment and feedback has no basis.
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3 days ago
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4 days ago
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4 days ago
Fantastic Service!! I needed a PR by a certain date and seller delivered well written and on time PR. I will absolutely use again!
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4 days ago
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12 days ago
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13 days ago
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21 days ago
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22 days ago
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25 days ago
Thumb 11738044 10207430138890594 4757988341815577132 n
about 1 year ago

How long do the links typically stay up for? Are they taken down eventually?

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about 1 year ago

Same question as the above

Thumb 659748616255783b2dd6ba3bd45f027c510f2f69a
about 1 year ago

are these do follow links?

Thumb untitled 5
about 1 year ago

These are all no follow.

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about 1 year ago

Please, refund if you dont want destroy your business....

24 hours of time have.

No other advertisement.

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about 1 year ago

Hello, sorry for last message, that is a multiuser account, I'm the CEO of this company, because of a layoff our EX-employee has made these posts, I apologize, and do not take into account.I am mortified.

Thumb untitled 5
12 months ago

WOW, please stop this guy, he is spamming my feed...

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over 1 year ago

do you know how many dofollow links will each PR create? or are they all nofollow?

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about 1 year ago

it is a scam, let it go

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about 1 year ago

Hello, sorry for last message, that is a multiuser account, I'm the CEO of this company, because of a layoff our EX-employee has made these posts, I apologize, and do not take into account.I am mortified.

Thumb untitled 5
over 1 year ago

200++ Sites and yes a list and report will be provided

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over 1 year ago

To how many news sites you will distribute it???

Will you provide the list of URLS once the article was published on news sites???

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6 months ago
are these do follow links?
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5 months ago
Hi, Will such a release work for .nl google, dutch language?
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4 months ago
Does it make posts in Portuguese Brazil?Can I send you the texts? Do you create the texts?
Default avatar
4 months ago
KKKKk também sou do brasil :). Estamos juntos !
Default avatar
4 months ago
Hi, friend, I live in Brazil, will you do the work? Texts in English can hurt, because I live in Brazil 
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3 months ago
4,500 expired domains for the price of a cup of coffee
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