Express YouTube Commercials and Documentaries $15 (video creation)

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Ever dreamed you could pump out professional YouTube commercials and mini documentaries in express time?

Ever imagined you could get professional looking videos fast at an affordable price without having to do any of the work yourself like writing the script and looking for music and images?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

I supply slide based YouTube commercials that look really great and professional at the fraction of what an animated explainer would cost you. You can now get your client's videos ranked within 72 hours flat because I'll fix you up with a video in just 48 hours.

Whether you want it for a client or to help with the rankings of one of your own sites.

I supply the images, music, and script for you ($35 package).

Want it to look a bit quirky but still professional?

No problem.

Want it dead serious?


Whatever your needs are we will get it done.

What you get for $15:

A great 60 second slide based video. 

With music.

In HD quality

What you get for $35:

90 second video themed and written as per your instructions.

♦ 100 - 150 word script written for you.

♦ Music.

♦ Ten images to make up the story. 


Want to get your video ranked? For more information about my killer Wirecast Upload Gig go here:

Further more, combine an epic video that was live streamed with some imbeds and you will be able to take on the toughest niches, check out this guy's heavy hitter:

With these three gigs combined you can basically run a video client SEO business with no experience and you will be able to make a lot of money for yourself and your clients.

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Wow, nice job. Thanks!
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I am in love with this gig! Thank you!! Excellent communication!
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Any examples you can share?
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