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... on PBN's with Topical Trust Flow in the Art Niche!

    After months of extensive research and testing one thing is abundantly clear when it comes to YouTube videos: The number of high quality embeds has a huge impact on your YouTube rankings as well as in the major SERPs. This is why the Video Powerhouse (VPH) was created. VPH is an embed network made of quality niche relevant sites built to high standards of excellence.

Here’s how it works

$15 = 15 embeds, but what exactly does one embed get you? The video embed placed on the VPH network is not a typical embed. With each embed you get the following:

  • Near instant video embeds
  • Premium quality network posts
  • An embed on a niche relevant and aged domain
  • IFTTT ring around each site in our embed network
  • Over 20 extra backlinks per embed from trusted sites in the Syndication Network.

Your video will be embedded on PBN's closely associated with your video. Some or all of the of embeds will be placed on very specific PBN's in the subcategories listed below. The remaining embeds will be placed on other PBN's in the Art network.

For example you ordered 50 PBN Embeds and your video was only about Animation. Then your video would be first embedded on the PBN's in the Animation Niche and then the rest would be embedded on a random selection of PBN's in the Art Niche or as closely associated to that as possible.

Animation (18 Embeds Available)
Architecture (18 Embeds Available)
Art History (20 Embeds Available)
Awards (20 Embeds Available)
Bodyart (22 Embeds Available)
Classical Studies (16 Embeds Available)
Comics (18 Embeds Available)
Costumes (18 Embeds Available)
Crafts (18 Embeds Available)
Design (18 Embeds Available)
Digital (18 Embeds Available)
Directories (18 Embeds Available)
Education (18 Embeds Available)
Entertainment (18 Embeds Available)
Genres (18 Embeds Available)
Graphic Design (18 Embeds Available)
Humanities (18 Embeds Available)
Illustration (18 Embeds Available)
Literature (18 Embeds Available)
Magazines (18 Embeds Available)
Movies (18 Embeds Available)
Music (18 Embeds Available)
News (18 Embeds Available)
Online Writing (18 Embeds Available)
Organizations (18 Embeds Available)
People (18 Embeds Available)
Performing Arts (18 Embeds Available)
Periods and Movements (18 Embeds Available)
Photography (18 Embeds Available)
Radio (18 Embeds Available)
Television (18 Embeds Available)
Visual Arts (18 Embeds Available)
Weblogs (18 Embeds Available)
Writers Resources (18 Embeds Available)

NOTE: The Gig can be delivered earlier depending if you want your embeds dripped over 7, 14 or 21 days.

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