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Hello, whether you write content for yourself OR for other people, I am here to do it for you.
Let me explain. Every person has a different way of consuming content. Some like to read it. Some like to watch it (videos). Some like to listen to it (podcasts).

A super simple way to increase your income without doing much extra work is to convert your written content into a video

So, if you have your own website, after you convert your written content to video, you can place the video at the top of your written content and now get the attention of all of the people that prefer consuming video content over written.

These are people that would have, otherwise, just left your website, but now they're potentially someone that can buy your stuff.

These text style videos are extremely popular in the internet marketing world and I've seen people pay upwards of several thousand dollars for text based videos.

Converting your written content to other modalities like video is definitely a trend I see becoming even more popular in 2017 and beyond, as video is the future.

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