Marketing/Web Traffic
3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >
15 days on average

you get unlimited targeted real human traffic.

We only provide real high quality worldwide visitors from our own network. Unlike others we don't use proxys and automated software to generate worthless hits. A constant steady flow of visitors looks natural and is proved to be positive for search engine and Alexa rankings.

Our Guarantees
No proxy and VPN visitors
Visitors 24/7 to your website
Improved Alexa & Google Page rank
High retention rate and unique visitors
Penguin, Panda & Adsense safe service
Constant traffic flow without daily limits
More than 300+ daily visitors for 6 months
100% real human visitors, no bots or proxies
99.9% targeted highly-engaged visitors from our advertising network

What You Get
Support team to assist to you and your queries
Full tracking included (Browser, OS, Referrer, Country etc.)
Country targeted traffic (you can choose the country & language)
Min. 300 daily real human visitors for 180 days (that’s 54,000+ in total!)
SEO complementary service, boost search engine & Alexa rankings
Website advertised to thousands of interested & emotionally engaged visitors

Please Note
✓ Adult sites/sounds/popups
✓ You may provide up to 10 keywords and one banner to promote your website
✗ No exit-popups, frame breakers, illegal content, social network pages, sites redirecting to such content

Why Choose Us?
We increase your traffic - Website visitors are the most important factor in online marketing.
We get you great audience - Your website will be shown to thousands of interested users.
We get you highly mixed natural visitors - Visitors with different browsers, visit duration, OS etc.
We increase your ranking - More visitors result in a better search engine and Alexa ranking.
We increase your exposure/sales - Without visitors, your site will have no success.
Our service gives good price/performance ratio - Thousands of real visitors, distributed over full 6 months.
We are unique and exclusive service on Konker.io - No others provide this service like us


Screenshot 1: A screenshot provided by one of our customers

Screenshot 2: One of our customer's custom campaign with 70% targeted UK traffic
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Thank you, better than I expected. Will use again.
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