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First of all let me introduce my self:

Im Abdo Senni a full time living online marketer, i was in the field since 2011


  • Over 17.000 sales in the biggest marketplaces (ClickBank, JVzoo and WarriorPlus)
  • 17 Products created

With a really good reputation.




Let me tell you a quick HIDING

 SECRET about all those GURUS


90% of them are making no money (except with product launching) , they are just pretending..

Why marketers of this days are launching every month  (sometimes in 1-2 weeks) a new product a new strategy ?

it's because it makes them money better than the method that they are teaching (or whatever they are selling except for physical products)

What i'm saying is:

You are wasting your time and money to figure out how the heck the internet marketing life style works, instead of doing this, why not JOINING US ?

Whatever you are doing right now online, selling products is much profitable way to earn a massive income on autopilot.

Let's face it, i won't offer you a product on "How to launch your product" because the main problem is : it's HARD to do that, it needs alot of work alot of time alot of outsourcing (if you are not a designer, and a marketer in general) it needs creativity, intelligence, convancing script cpwriting (Sales page) and of course a valuable thing to offer (Product)

So what's the solution ?

This   is where i come

 i will  personally   create   for   you a product about any topic you want (you can let me choose for you) with your name and picture on it!!

The best part i will get you approved to sell in the biggest markets.

The benifits of having your own product:

  • Getting 100% commissions directly to your paypal (or bank) account.
  • Having a name in the field, people get to know you and will be more open to purchase from you in the next time.

  • Get affiliates to promote you, set for them an affiliate program, join mastermind groups and make friends (big names) they can easily get you 1000 sale by mailing their list of subscribers (this will send us to the next point)

  •  And finally Building a list too and sending promotions, offers etc and earn big cash like they are doing (The money is in the list, building a relationship with subscribers would be a game changing for you)


Product :Standard

  1. i will set up a free email builder and autoresponder with a free attractive offer to build your list.

  1. I will create and design full responsive mobile & desktop site product (with the logo and the cover for the ebook or video series or audios etc)


  1.  I will rebrand the most expensive and good PLR products all in one so you can offer to your market a huge value

  1. I will create a sale funnel (multiple products pages after the purchase)

I'll make sure to approve your product in

 Warrior Plus

  1. WHY Warrior Plus ? it has the best Affiliates in the market (Affiliates are those who promote you and get commissions, don't worry i'll set up everything for you)

            This is the most cheap crazy offer to NOT miss.

Check extra for upsells funnels and quick delivery

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6 months ago
Delivered early. Great service
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9 months ago
great gig, reccomended. now added to my favoutes. will use again as i am working on some new projects
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9 months ago
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10 months ago
OnTime and Great Quality Service
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10 months ago
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