Matt's Ultra Premium PBN - 10 Posts - Minimum TF25+ RD50+ DA20+

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9 days on average

Welcome To Matt's Premium Quality PBN Links

If you're serious about extreme ranking power, unparalleled safety, and 100% real looking PBN's that will pass a manual review, then you've come to the right place.

What Sets My Service Apart?

Unlike other PBN services, this is truly a top of the line experience.


  • Ultra High Quality Metrics(DA-20 TF-25 RD-50 BARE MINIMUM)
  • Luxury Websites That Look Fantastic
  • 100% Hand Written Premium Do-Follow Content
  • Crawlers Blocked
  • Clean Domain History
  • 100% Unique A/B/C Class IP's. Each and every PBN is on a different host.
  • Websites have REAL social media profiles and community interaction, they look better than most money sites!
  • Secure Network, only partial reports provided(you can see all links on google webmaster tools)

Why Use My Service And Not Something Cheaper?

Most PBN link sellers are just looking to make a buck off of you. They sell PBN links on incredibly risky networks which either leave huge risky footprints or do nothing to help your ranking.

Most of these "PBN Sites" are just expired domains with poor metrics and artificially high trust flow(ex: TF 25 RD 1 DA 1). These sellers also spend about 5 minutes setting up their PBN's, using stock themes with no other website content.

Ever since Penguin 4.0 Google is incredibly good at detecting low quality PBN's based on their newer algorithms. My ultra-high quality PBN's are made to look even better than real money sites and pass even a manual inspection!


Will I receive a report?
Yes, you will receive a report, however, it will be a partial report in order to keep the network more secure.

What is the maximum OBL for your homepages?
The maximum OBL at any given time will be 20, however, they are much lower on average(about 10).

Can you provide samples?
No, I never provide samples. Trust me, these are the highest quality PBN's you will ever see.

Do you provide links for the adult niche?
I do not. No pharma, gambling, adult, warez, hacks, or foreign language. These PBN's are all kept in perfect condition!

What will the article content be?
Articles will be 250-500 words of handwritten 100% unique content.
You may also provide your own articles as long as the grammar is good. No spun articles!

What is your average TAT?
Average TAT is 10-12 days, with guaranteed delivery within 15 days.

Are these niche related or general posts?
These are general posts, the article will be crafted to fit the website theme no matter what your website is about.

What are the metrics of your PBNs?
The MINIMUM metrics for any domain in my PBN is 50+RD, 25+TF, 20+DA. I have some domains that are TF40+ RD200+ DA 30+.

Are these posts permanent?
Yes, these posts are permanent, they will stay on the homepage for 4+ weeks and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently.

Please shoot me a PM for any other questions before ordering!

***Please Note****

I currently ONLY offer 1 order per domain as I have a limited number ultra quality domains and want to keep my network quality high.

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14 days ago
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14 days ago
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14 days ago
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19 days ago
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21 days ago
I'm an active seller here on Konker with thousands of sales, and I have been using Matt's PBN services for a few weeks now. I have my own PBN service, but have some local clients who are VERY picky about the quality and metrics of websites. Matt has gone above and beyond every time in providing the highest quality sites with the best metrics I've ever seen. Strongly recommended, best PBN's I've ever seen.
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21 days ago
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about 2 months ago
Waited a month to leave a review to see the results from the links. For $175 I would have expected at least a little movement. I am in a local niche with low to medium level of competition. My site was on page 5 before the gig and it remains on page 5 with no improvement at all.
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about 2 months ago
Hey EzLivin,
Sorry to hear that you didn't see any movement, I wish you would have reached out to me first so I could take a look. As I'm sure you're aware, there are hundreds of factors that effect ranking, not just PBN links.

Since the recent Google updates, well known SEO experts(such as Matt Diggity and others) are reporting that PBN links are taking even longer to kick in:

"PBN Link Effectiveness Update
I'm running a ton of tests right now related to PBNs.  As of late, I've noticed that PBNs have been taking longer to kick in.
Where as we used to be able to see results in 7-10 days, many are reporting 20-30+ days(and longer) for results." - Matt Diggity

I still believe that you will see movement soon, as all of my customers so far have been very pleased, but I am happy to take a look at your on-page and other off-page related factors on your website. Let me know how I can help :)
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about 2 months ago
Great links! :)
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2 months ago
From the partial report, all I can say is these are the best looking pbns I've ever seen. So good they almost look like white hat links. Will definitely purchase more of these down the road. Thanks!!
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2 months ago
Seller websites are looking great from the partial report. Articles are well written. Seller is very helpful and not egotistical like some other sellers on here. Will be back soon.
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