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Getting your business into google local search with your specific keywords involved many factors but one of them is submitting your business name, address & phone # (NAP) to a citation or local directories. Our local citation service is the best in the industry & we're happy to serve. So try it!

Package                  Price           TAT
10 citations/sites      $15              4 - 5 days normal delivery (nd)
20 citations/sites      $25             nd +day(s)
30 citations/sites      $35             nd +day(s)
50 citations/sites      $50             nd +day(s)
100 citations/sites    $80             nd +day(s)
120 citations/sites    $90             nd +day(s)  - fresh/new bus.
Custom citations      $0.80/site  

Custom Order for USA:
150 Citations = $140
200 Citations = $160

Extra delivery is only applicable to 50, 100 & 120 citations/sites. Only cater to the ff Countries: USA(120), Canada(100), UK(100) & Australia (100).
Optional: Free Pushing/Indexing of Active Links

- Send us your business details
- After listing we will send you an excel report with active links, screenshots for proof of submission

*Incase you want some country specific or list of citations just msg me.

Please check out my profile in case you need any of my other services by following this link http://www.konker.io/users/serviceexpert.

I will do my best to help you out.

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17 days ago
Really well done. The content is really well done. The images used are actually from our site. Did a great job overall and will use again for sure.
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about 2 months ago
Great service. Very thorough. Quick to make revisions
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about 2 months ago
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about 2 months ago
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