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Magic Indexer

Are You Tired of Not Getting Your Links Indexed?

Guys my personal friend and developer Alex Krulik has created a very good tool for indexing links. That's his video above. Why choose Magic Indexer over other Backlink Indexers?


High Indexing Rate  - Magic Indexer usual links indexing rate is 70-80%.


Fast Indexing - Most of links are indexed within one hour.


Easy Setup - It takes just 5 minutes to setup software and start links indexing.


Integrated With The Best - Magic Indexer can get links automatically from most backlinks building softwares like Magic Submitter, Senuke TNG, GSA Search Engine Ranker.


Q. Is there any extra payments involved?

A. You will need to pay for captcha solving it is usually 2.5USD per 1000 captchas. Magic Indexer spends 1 captcha credit  per one link indexed.

Q. Do I need proxies?

A. You will need proxies only in case if you setup more than 10 Google PVA accounts. In this case you need one proxy per each 10 Google PVA accounts

Q. What is Google PVA?

A. It is accounts. They are used during indexing your links. You will get 5 Google PVA accounts for free after Magic Indexer purchase also I will send you instruction where to buy very cheap  accounts.

Q. How many links can Magic Indexer index per day?

A. It depends on how many PVA accounts you setup. One account can process 20-30 links per day. So having 10 PVA Accounts you may process 300 links per day or 9000 links per month.


When you buy today I will also give you my popular "25 PBN Trust Flow Embeds for Youtube Videos" valued at $19 as a bonus.

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about 2 years ago
Tony always delivers what he promises. Thank you.
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about 2 years ago
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about 2 years ago
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about 2 years ago
Brilliant as Always !
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about 2 years ago
Thank for the prompt follow up Tony
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about 2 years ago
Thanks Daniel. :)
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