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3 days on average
From basic retouching, spot/tattoo removal, colour correction background removal, to heavy manipulation. I can photo edit literally any photo to an extremely high standard. With over 10 years photoshop and similar software experience, I've worked with poor quality camera phone images, restoration work on vintage images, to high end studio photography, as well as visual effect editing for film.

I am an absolute perfectionist and passionate for design. I go above and beyond for all clients to ensure a high standard of work and satisfaction, both for the client and myself. I don't create anything I wouldn't be proud of, therefore it must be perfect.

offer I prefer:

* Photo editing.
*Cutout background.
*white background.
*Add natural reflection Shadow.
*Skin Retouching.
*Reduce noise.
*adjusting colors / contrast / white balance.
*Remove skin rash.
*Hair correction.
*Unexpected object removal.

And Deliver as PNG, JPG PSD, GIF PDF etc...

You will receive:

* High quality of photos.
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Delivered early. Great service
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Looks clean and metrics confirmed.
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