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Buy 2 get 1 Free Google Review OFFER At The Moment For Just $15 TO Confirm The Consistency Of Our REVIEWS


ShilohSEO SERVICES is here with a unique Google review that sticks permanently.

"YOU Must Have Tried to get more “Google reviews” – that is fast and trouble-free in order to boost your firm or local business? Perhaps  you have your reviews dropped by Google within a short period of time? OR YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THIS!''

If These Are Your Experience! Then You Are On The Right Side.

Significance of  Reviews

✔   Increase your Reputation over other business in the same category

✔   Increases your business profit

✔   improves your Google visibility in your local area.

✔   Increases your page ranking

✔   Improves your SEO and conversion rates.

✔   Increases your customer

Reviews helps to describe your representation for consumers who use them for their research, since reading reviews can help speed up choice about purchases. Businesses that get the most high quality reviews tend to get high Google ranking. So it's to your advantage to optimize your profile for Google reviews, since this content creates extra clicks for your business. Reviews on other sites such as Yahoo have less impact on Google ranking.



This package entitles you 3 (three) reviews for a Google Business page of your choice.

I guarantee you that each review will be delivered from:
✔ an aged, phone verified Google account

✔a Google account that has a location specific optimized profile

✔ 100% risk free

 *   It will STICK LONG TERM

✔ Maximum customers satisfaction


1.The reviews you want to be  posted for you

2. Your business google+ URL

NOTE: I will space out the postings for the most natural feel, so it does not raise any red flags from Google.


Writing and posting of Reviews attracts additional fee. Please, contact service provider for instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will the review last?

Ans: I assure you that the review will stick long because all reviews will come from aged Google accounts

Q, What is your refund guaranteed period?

Ans: I guaranteed 30 days refund if the review drops before 30 days.

Q. What is the turn around time?


1. If the 3 reviews are for one Business URL, the TAT will be maximum of 3 weeks This is to ensure that every thing looks natural and to also avoid Google RED flag.

2. if the 3 reviews are for two different Google Business URLs, the TAT is 2-3 days

3. If it's a bulk order, the TAT will depend on the quantity of the order

Q. Do you have any refund policy?

Ans: Yes.

If the review drops before 30 days, i will provide another review. If it drops again, I will issue full refund.


Q. Do you also guarantee that the review will stick on newly created Google business page?

Ans: Google review will only stick on new account provided

1. The Google business account is older than 5 months

2. The business account is verified with google.

If the account has not gone through any of the 2 conditions, I do not guarantee the that the review will stay. Therefore, no refund will be issue even it the review does not stick.

Q. Do you handle bulk orders?

Ans: Yes I do

PLEASE NOTE: Contact Seller For Negative Reviews

{ $10 per Negative Review


If you'd like your website to show up in the SERP's and mobile results with the review stars schema and enhanced listing, make sure your Google Business page has 6 or more reviews!

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6 days ago
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7 days ago
Great service as always
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7 days ago
Great seller Thank you
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8 days ago
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19 days ago
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23 days ago
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about 1 month ago
Excellent service and communication!
Thumb girl
about 1 month ago
Thank you so much for the rating and review. I will continue to serve you diligently. 
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about 1 month ago
Detailed work! Quality was there and im picky! I will order again.
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about 1 month ago
Thank you so much for the rating and review. I will continue to serve you diligently.
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about 2 months ago
Thumb girl
about 1 month ago
Thank you so much
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about 2 months ago
Thumb girl
about 1 month ago
Thank you so much
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about 2 years ago
I purchased this service and did get the reviews BUT they didn't stick. Now I've only got 1. It would be nice if the seller stood behind their CLAIM that the reviews stick when it isn't the case.
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10 months ago
Seller is unresponsive after several attempts to reach out. His reviews weren't sticking and I assume he's just given up on the order. 
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4 months ago
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