Create 2 Syndwire Sets Manually With Profile + Campaign

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Service Features:


1 : What We Do For You

Firstly, We Will Create All Accounts Manually By Fake Names.
All Accounts Are Verified By Gmail.
We Will Use Phone Verified Gmail Accounts To Verify  All Accounts.

2 : Create Profile

After Creating Accounts, We Will Add Profile Pics, Description information,
If You Provide Me Your Details. Name, Pics, Description, etc
We Will Add In All Accounts.

3 : Adding And Create A Campaign

After Creating Profile, We Will Add These Accounts Into Your Syndwire Panel And Creata A Campaign.


All Accounts Are Freshly Created By Human Hands.

All Work Deliver On Time.

If Any Account Is Closed It Will Be Replace

We Will Give You Detail Excel Report With Login Detail And Profile Urls

Note :

Drupal Garden, App.Net & Self Hosted Wp Site Are Included In This List.

I Need Your Syndwire Login Details To Add Into Your Syndwire Panel And Create A Campaign.


What is Syndwire?

Syndwire is a web based syndication tool that you can use for the following...
  • Posts to Web 2.0 Sites
  • Post to Social Accounts like Twitter, Facebook
  • Boosts your video marketing rankings
  • Perfect for linking to your Private Blog Networks
  • Automate the process...

How do you use Syndwire?

Let's take the first method -Video Marketing.

We all know Google loves to rank Youtube videos - right?

Using Syndwire, you'll first insert your accounts across the social and web 2.0 platforms.

These platforms are high authority in the eyes of Google and include the following sites:
  • Facebook Profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Linkedin Profiles
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Twitter profiles
  • sites
  • Blogspot
  • And a whole lot more.

You can see below I grabbed a screenshot of all the different profiles you can use

So how does the system work?

Google loves to reward sites with links from authority sites.

And that's what Syndwire will post your content to - take a look at those sites above and you'll see some of the biggest authorities on the web.

How do I use Syndwire for Video Marketing?

It's rather easy actually.

You begin with creating a set of user profiles across the authority sites.

Next, you'll want to begin by creating a video - I'd prefer using a Google Hangout or Youtube Live.

These will rank faster and get more attention from Google.

We've test all different methods and Youtube Live and Hangouts outperform just traditional uploading of a video.

Now, once you have you're video url, it's a matter of syndicating it across the many profiles you've just built in Syndwire.

And again, these profiles are very authoritative so they pass link juice and the authority to your Youtube video, resulting in increased rankings.

How Can I Use Syndwire for My Private Blog NetworK?

This is where the power of Syndwire really comes into play.

The problem with my PBN's is that they don't have consistent links built to them. So if they are authoritative when you buy them (aged domains) - they loose their power because no new links are being built.

That's where Syndwire gives you the advantage.

You pop in your Private Blogs and get consistent links built to your Blog Network from high authority sources like the ones we mentioned before.

Wrapping up the Syndwire RevieW

At the end of the day, if you're looking for increase rankings for your Video Marketing, wanting to increase your rankings for your Money Sites, while building authority and trust to your PBN, then I highly recommend using Syndwire.


If Any Question, Contact Me!

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