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Need Google, Facebook, Yelp, Etsy, or HomeStars Reviews?
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Want to start tracking the real numbers behind your marketing? Not familiar with how to do professional email marketing or don't want to spend tons of money on expensive monthly subscriptions?

Let us at Lifeline Engineering do all of the hard work for you while you sit back and make money! Focus on whats important to you with your business and let us take care of the details of handling all of the marketing!

Bring us your contacts list and products your wanting to sale and we will create the marketing funnel to run them through and track your ROI, LTV, and how much each lead is generating you.

What we need from you:
-Email Contacts (up to 200 - more available in the add ons)
-your for your funnel goal
-affiliate offers or products you want to promote
-emails you want to run (not needed from the start)
-funnel plan/overview (we will help you create this if needed)

What you will receive with your order:
- We will import your contacts (or help you collect them if you do not have any through creation of an opt in form)
-An email marketing funnel
-A full report detailing optins, LTV, $/lead, ROI, etc
-Access to our support staff to work through each step of the email marketing with you
-Tracking reports

Let us take your business to the next level!

*This gig is for the creation and management of an entire funnel with 1 month access to our resources. To get additional funnels and discounted prices on future orders please message us first or add the appropriate add ons.

Live Support:
Skype: Lifeline Engineer

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Thank you for the speedy delivery and also delivering what was promised. Will definitely order again.
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Thank you. Everything looks good.
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