Promote your music of any genre to real active youtube users

SEO/Youtube SEO
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Welcome to my Gig!!!!!!

I am a level two seller with  five star positive feedback's..we remain positive because we deliver proof of all work done

This gig is designed for individuals who desired to exposed your music  to people who actually want to listen to your specific genre.

Only get you 50 shared video messages to people who actually listen to your type of music!!!!!!

Youtube has over 1 billion active users and consider as being the #2 search engine

Our direct manual online marketing strategy is 100@ safe No Bots real people! If you want to reach more people than we will discuss a custom offer

                                         How it Works

  1. Send us The  mp3 version of your music and cover art we will create a video for you using your music and upload it on our channel Noel Music Group LLC. Audio must be at least five minutes long. Anything longer than that is a custom offer.
  2. Than we manually create over 30 plus messages and send your music to those who actually listen to your genre.
  3. After we send the music videos to those who listen to your music it is up to them to view it. However, you should start seeing increase in views within 7 to 10 days.

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I am in love with this gig! Thank you!! Excellent communication!
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