15 'SEO' Niche Backlinks with SEO in the URL (Greg Morrison - Treasure Map)

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Niche Specific SEO Backlinks.

This is super simple, if you want to rank your site, get links from places that have your main keywords in their main URL.



You get 15 SEO based url links. Do note a few are purely unlinked co-citation

meaning it's not a link, but it's your URL without a link (and yes they still count).

example: this is a citation link honorableseo.com <- doesn't link over - but the words around it like marketing, seo, optimization etc help pass relevance.

These specific pages that I'll get your URL on, are specifically for SEO and have SEO in the main title or the url string, and believe it or not, these few links I gathered took a few days of gathering to find. So you'll be saving yourself hours upon hours getting these super relevant SEO (SEO niche) links!

Only works with index pages (home pages).

http://honorableseo.com (not http://honorableseo.com/evergreen-co-seo/ )

This technique was created by SEO master Greg Morrison.

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almost 2 years ago
This gig is one of my most favorite gigs. He is very honest and his service is excellent.
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almost 2 years ago
great work thanks!
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about 2 years ago
Thank you so much for a brilliant job. All done within a few hours. Also, thank you for the lesson on links and all the other excellent information. massive extra delivery.
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Been actively ranking 'regular' and 'adult' pages for 5 years. My specialty is adult SEO and YouTube SEO and have created several adult social networks to blast sites through to increase their social presence! I own http://honorableSEO.com in Denver, Colorado

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