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Check Out Our Incredible PRESS RELEASE Writing and Distribution ON SOURCE MARKET
Get A Unique Press Release writing and Timely distribution service that guarantees Presence on 100+ news websites, including local, national, regional, radio and TV, trade and industry, international news websites with 100% Google News Guaranteed. It is the most affordable on SM!

These Are some Copies Of Our Powerful Rundown Distribution...


Here's A Rundown Of Our Powerful Distribution...

• Distribution to 80+ Tv/ Radio Newspaper like, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX TV stations, Digital Journal, and even newspapers like the Boston Globe, Miami Herald etc... (same distribution as PressCable and PressAdvantage but more channels!!! YEAH!)
• GOOGLE NEWS pickups guaranteed, every time
• Up to 5 URLS per release! (plus a 6th URL in your contact info) - This is HUGE!!Get authority & links going to 5-6 pages (or sites) at once!
• Get 100's of Citations Overnight! (just add your company address, and get ahuge positive effect on your Google Maps rankings!)
• FREE Image Support! (others are charging for this) increases your ranking power and makes you and your release look great... (nb not all sites support images)
• Complete Report provided on publishing
• Great for SEO's for Instant Authority, Link Diversity, Anchor Text Ratios!
• Great for Launch Jacks!
• Great for Crowdfunding launches, like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdrise, Chuffed, Fundly etc.
• Excellent for Reputation SEO : rank many pages for your Brand and push down any rankings containing negative comments on your Brand/Company/Business
• Put "As seen on: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX..." on your website and increase yours or your client's credibility!
• White-label Reports: Yes! We can white-label your reports! If you are a SEO or Press Release business we can put YOUR logo and name on the reports! eg.Report
• And More...All for the heavily discounted one-time price of just $45!
• Questions??? - Scroll down and see the FAQ's

1. Affiliate Press Releases Allowed
2. Most affordable
3. Brand Visibility
4. Get More Sales
5. Unmatched SEO benefits
6. Widest Coverage
7. Social Media blast
8. Guaranteed fast and timely distribution

We Have Expert Press Release Writers, We Will First Write Your Press Release For You And Then We Will Distribute It.

Our US-born press release writer has 20 years experience as a professional press release writer, has an MBA from Harvard, and has written for:
• Microsoft
• Hewlett-Packard
• Google
• Rackspace
• Progress Software
• Lockheed Martin

Contents we do not distribute:

We do not distribute any press release that are product reviews of things like weight-loss products, Forex trading, phone unlocking, social media traffic boost, both proven and unproven medical protocols and alternatives.

The following are some of other topics we do not publish in our distribution and any topic that seems inappropriate along these lines will likely be rejected:
-       Sexually explicit/ adult content
-       Escort services
-       Pharmaceutical products like diet, weight loss, muscle pills and the likes
-       Sexual enhancement supplements
-       Religious and political opinions
-       Use of the word “scam”, “fraud”, etc
-       Online gambling
-       Intent to harm or defame or enact revenge
-       Stock ticker symbols in any form
-       Advertisements
-       Psychic services
-       Electronic cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol
-       Personal opinions, blog posts or opinion pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

1) If I pay to have the press release written what is the turn around time?
A. Typically my writer's TAT is 3-5 business days (depending how busy he is). He will then send you a draft for your approval to your email address. If edits are needed, it may take you a day or 2 to finalize your draft. Once the draft is ready, I submit and publish it within 24 hrs (except weekends, as network editors do not work then)
2) Can you publish my subject matter?
A. Please refer to the partial list below of which subject may prove difficult to publish. NB Even though a subject may be difficult to get by - we have about a 90% success rate of getting the tough ones through.
3) Can you publish a press release for my country?
A. Yes. We can absolutely link to your site in Spain, France, Canada, UK, Australia, or any other country. We only publish in English on English sites, however we can absolutely link to your site/biz in your country and thus you get all the benefit of 100's of High DA Backlinks from diverse IP's and locations. We do press releases for other countries on a regular basis, with probably 30% of all releases linking to sites outside of the US. Here is a press release report we did recently for London, UK. (click an icon in the report to see the story)
4) I am an SEO company. Can you white label the reports and put my company name, logo and link on them?
A. Yes, absolutely! We white label our reports for many SEO companies. Their clients love the reports and it makes the SEO company look awesome! Here is an example Report.
5) What information will you need?
A. All we need is your Company Name, Company URL, Company Contact Name, Company Phone, Company Email, and the links you want in the release (5 or less). If you choose our addon to write for you, we will ask for your personal email as well so our writer can send you the draft release, and communicate back and forth with you on edits etc. If you want to provide an image and further details then that is fine. Once you purchase the gig we will explain everything we need.

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