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Hey Friends, We present manual SEO campaign with most popular Social Network sites, Blog platforms, Social Bookmarking and Image sharing websites. This mix can help improve your website visibility in Google by making them relevant on the web. For 5$ you will get: Tier1 - 110+ SEO Links & Media posts on High PR sites: - 4 Top MANUAL Social Network posts (PR8-10) such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest etc. - 5 MANUAL Image Sharing links (PR3-9) such as Flickr, Imgur etc. - 50+ Blog platforms mix (PR2-8) such as Elgg, Jcow, PhpFox, Dolphin, Drupal, PhpMotion etc. - 50+ S0cial Bookmarking (PR1-8) such as Reddit, Plurk, Scoop etc. Tier 2 - Link Juice, total 2760+: - 10+ S0cial bookmarking for every blog post in tier1 (total 500+) - 15+ S0cial signals for every network post in tier1 (total 60+) - 20+ Blog comments for all links & posts in tier1 (total 2200+) Check the gig extras below and be a step ahead your competitors, dominate the Google search results! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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