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When it comes to YouTube videos: The number of high quality embeds has a huge impact on your YouTube rankings as well as in the major SERPs. This is why I am offering access to Video Powerhouse (VPH). VPH is an embed network made of quality niche relevant sites built to high standards of excellence

Here’s how it works

$10 = 10 PBN embeds but what exactly does one embed get you?

The video embed placed on Video Powerhouse (VPH) network is not a typical embed. With each embed you get the following:

- Premium quality network posts

- Embeds on an aged domains

- IFTTT ring around each site in our embed network

- Over 20 extra backlinks per embed from trusted sites in the IFTTT networks

Report & Summary of what you get.

The spreadsheet shows the number of domains your video was embedded on. The full domains are not shown to ensure the safety of the network.

The PBN’s are made up of high quality, aged domains, that are socially connected and back-linked, and have a large geographical spread for IP diversity.

With each embed you will get over 20 additional backlinks and embeds to the post from highly themed accounts that are interlinked and provide authority and trust!

Before each submission I take a screenshot of your current video Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics as determined by Majestic. After the Gig is complete I take another screenshot of Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics so you can see the difference. So not only are you getting Trust Flow and Citation Flow but you are also getting powerful backlinks.

Then you can take it even further by embedding in a secondary network and then having those juiced up with GSA contextual backlinks.

Secondary embeds are an additional set embeds that are drip fed to our secondary network. This network consists of high-quality sites that allow for video embeds. The entire process takes about 3 weeks, ensuring maximum security and number of embeds.



Would you like to add secondary embeds to your submission? 

Would you like to power up your secondary embeds?

See below.

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8 months ago
Thank you for the amazing work as always Tony.
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9 months ago
Great work as always!
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9 months ago
Great work. Everything as promised, and delivered on time! Will be doing business again
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9 months ago
Amazing Job!!!
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12 months ago
outstanding work, thanks for embeding on related domains
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about 1 year ago
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Hi this is Tony "Video SEO Expert" Peacock founder of the Video Marketing Group. As a Black Level member I would like to offer Konker members "Real" Video SEO Services. I deliver what I promise so that you can trust working with me. Let me improve your rankings in the search engines.

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