5 Powerful PBN Contextual Links With High TF of 30+ upto 40+ (Guaranteed)

6 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
9 days on average

For Only $15 You will get 5 Strong PBN Links with TF 30+ upto TF 40

What's the real story of PBN?

PBNS stands for ‘PBN Site’, referring to a website that is part of your private blog network.

One very important detail here is that each of the individual PBN sites are not linked to each other in any way. The idea of a private blog network is the websites appear unrelated to each other, therefore look natural links, as opposed to someone linking to their own website from their other websites.

Google loves High authority links specially when the Trust Flow is High.

What is this Gig about?

Well It’s about the strong links from Private blog Network (PBN). This is what top Internet marketer use to boost their sites to the Google’s front page.

What will you get from this Gig?

In this Gig you I will provide 5 strong contextual backlinks from my PBNs whose Majestic Trust Flow (Default Domain URL) will be 30+. I will publish good quality, high readability unique article relevant to your Keyword or niche and place your anchor pointing to your Website. The link will be surrounded by the relevant content.
And We all know - Google love backlinks from relevant pages.

Here is the Deal!

For only $15 you will have 5 aforementioned PBN links which will cost you $3 per PBN backlink. This is something very few sellers provide. You definitely don’t want to ignore this GIG. Are you??

You just have to send me your preferred Url with keyword/ Anchors that you want to rank. And I will start working on your project while you enjoy a movie with Popcorn.

How can you actually use these?

You can use these 5 powerful PBN links with TF 35+ to rank your Blog/Website as well as YouTube videos in SERP. Without high backlinks it’s impossible to rank on Google search engine. It’s a must now.

The Best Part?

Even though the price is low , still with each recurring order you will get some BONUS which will include social signals, Web 2.0 properties and extra Free links to boost your Url further.

That’s Not All..

These PBNs are safe, each having different unique Premium IP and webhost. 100% of all the links will be indexed naturally in Google. But if you want me to index them fast, I will do it too for FREE . I use premium backlink indexer which indexed them by making web.2.o and social signals thus further adding quality.

I believe in quality not quantity. But here you are having both. :)

This is a one time payment and I will send you the report once work is completed!

The price is for a permanent regular post not the permanent homepage. However shoot me a msg if you want a permanent homepage post. I will take few such orders. If you have apprehended so far the benefits you are having just ====>>

           Place Your Order Now !

And if you still have doubts, read these FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How many links per post?

A. For maximum benefits to your link, I publish one link per post.

Q. How will it benefit my website?

A. Well these are some of the best affordable strong PBN links you will get in source market. With these links You will move in the positive direction in SERP.

Q: Is the post permanent?

Ans: Yes 100%, these are permanent PBN links. The post will roll over to inner pages permanently after some time. If you have any query, Just drop a PM.

Q. How many keywords I can give for one package?

A. You can provide a max 5 Main keywords for basic GIG however if you add Extras, You can add more keywords for diversification which include: LSI Keywords, Generic keywords, brand name and Naked URLs etc. It works well after penguin update.

Q. How many words would be the article?
A. Depending on niche, the articles will have 300- 500+ words.

Q. What Kind of report do I get?

A. I will provide report in Excel sheet format. You will see different tabs of each phase.

Q. Is this one time Fee?

Yes, this is a one-time fee and the links are permanent.

Q. Do you guarantee results with a money-back guarantee?

A. I sell PBN links here not guarantees that you will rank no.1 after spending few $$. There is no magic in here, I wish I could own Google :P, But still you can expect some SERP movement in positive direction. I always do my best to ensure it works out for you to the best possible way it can, you need to realize that sometimes it doesn't go what we plan for.

Check My Extras As Well

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about 2 hours ago
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1 day ago
Amazing. Thank you so much
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2 days ago
4/5 for +40 trust flow 5/5 for +30 trust flow PBNs were fantastic though. Great articles, would use again.
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2 days ago
Perfect service! Excellent communication and delivered quickly.
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4 days ago
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5 days ago
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6 days ago
Service preformed exactly as advertised, wait and see results, will probably order again
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6 days ago
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7 days ago
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8 months ago

Can I order TF 45 one only to guest post?

Can I see the ulr before order?

Thumb expert
6 months ago
Sorry Mate! Single link purchasing not available.Thanks
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6 months ago
A Great Offer ! Surely I will try this seo service for my site: http://reviewjv.com/
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3 months ago
Hi, I would like to know if you place the link on an adult site.has only text has no video
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2 months ago
I am unable to buy this GIG,,, is there any technical issue?
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about 2 months ago
Its work with french website ? 
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about 2 months ago
Can you write a french article ?? 
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about 2 months ago
Hi, I am a local SEO from Serbia, do you do PBN links for foreign niches? I have a website about medicine, and if the links are on a page that is in English, will my site still rank?
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about 1 month ago
Hello, I'm from Brazil, do you link PBN to sites in Brazil?
Thumb expert
about 1 month ago
Hi RodolfoYes I do link to Brazilian blog too.. Content will be in English though..ThanksUber Seo Expert
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