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1. See our Latest  SEO Ranking Results

2. This pbn links service provides URL-Report.


Solving PBN Network's problems

To solve the 3 common problems, SEOScientist experimented with different settings.

We have created a pbn network to maximize your budget , ranking speed and position.

Stop wasting money with pbn links


If you have been buying pbns, you know most pbn links has less than 20-30 inbound links on average.

The link seller then proceed to take 30 orders for the next 7 days.

With min. 1 link per pbn post., that is 30 outbound links right?.
So what you get from 30-30 ? Zero ??!?

Does that look like a powerful pbn domain to you ?
This is what is happening across most public PBN blogs !

You get good results in the beginning but they fade away as the vendors pick up more orders.   

Why buy pbn links from us?


We found 3 solutions to
increase your ranking power with each PBN link.  


No more than 20 dofollow URLs at the domain's homepage.
 We make sure that the homepage pbn link juice flow directly to your money page for exactly 1 month. 

Last time, ranking was super fast as it only takes a day or 2
before your url gets the homepage link juice. 

Now the delay has greatly increased but 1 month is more than sufficient. 

 Have you realized that Sticky Homepage backlinks have the best results in the market?
(clue: blackhatworld forum)   


Maximum 20 orders for a domain before we "rest" it for the month. 

 You will NOT GET this condition anywhere

because it limits the vendor's profits so much. 

Vendors ride on the good early reviews and oversell their network like crazy.
Every pbn ends like a dehydrated corpse with posts unindexed.

In contrast, we will build Inbound links continously to your pbn link / posts
during the "resting" period. 

 Your money page will then benefit from all the pbn link juice in the entire site and the post itself for 1 full month. 


50-100 IBL links are built to each post with 1 OBL link ! (drip over 30 days) 

Besides ensuring your money page getting the power at the homepage, we ramp up the linkjuice on your post too. 

rank like them   

I want to display your ranking charts too.   

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  put your charts here 

    domain stats   

Do you want your links to be on blogs with stats below?  

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We do not accept sites with spammy content or using questionable tactics (HACK CPA). 

Your link will be placed beside legitimate websites.



How much can you learn from SEO
if you have over a thousand domain housing over 1800 customers' money pages ? 

 Pretty much right? 

We have over a thousand domain at Hpbacklinks.com ,
the largest Monthly Homepage Backlinks Provider.

We see the latest SEO movements across many niches by simply monitoring ranking charts.   


  In Summary, here is our 13 ranking formulas to BOOST your ranking to the maximum.    





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Default avatar
over 2 years ago
Good Work ! Good communication, personal advice based on your needs and a professional service!
Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

Hope I didn't talk too much hahaha...

Thumb 316516
over 2 years ago
Thanks ! Site is moving up so far..
Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

Thank you for your order. 

Will continue to update your ranking for 1 month. 

Please note it is only for 1st url for new customer. 

Please order a SEO plan with us for a full-scale SEO attack. :)

Thumb seo
over 2 years ago
Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

Thanks Mate!

Default avatar
over 2 years ago
Great communication. Great work. High quality articles that are drip fed. Fast. Responsive. Goes above and beyond. Definitely work with SEOScientist.
Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

Thank you for your trust in our pbn network. Your results are all that matter for SEOScientist..

Default avatar
over 2 years ago
Awesome seller. Very insightful and with responsive communication. Will certainly work with them again.
Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

Thank you Mike !

Time flies and 1 month has passed.

Here are your rankings as of 16 Aug '2016: 

* Please compare the 2nd(Last) and 4th column (First).




* Please compare the 2nd(Last) and 4th column (First). 

As the site was previously under "over optimization" filter, it will take a few packages to push for 1st page.

Please continue to dilligently backlink your target page and homepage for better results.

If you decide not to use my services again, please look for one who is preferably an affiliate or is SEOing his own website.

They will understand your needs.

Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

[To my potential customers]


When Mike came to me, his website was facing serious ranking issues. He bought many of the popular source-wave services but they did nothing for his website.
Many keywords were ranking below 100. (see ranking charts above)

I did an offpage analysis and recognized a few critical issues.The general issues are highly commercial anchor text , links in unrelated articles and etc.

I advised him accordingly and he proceed to ordered 2 packages ( 5 keywords ).
In the end we managed to improve rankings for over 90 keywords !

Frankly speaking, PBN links were not enough. We gave him at least $300 worth of freebies like social signals, web2.0 links with our linking system. (linkwheel, tier2, mass tier3 links etc) . We SEO his site as he was on our private SEO plan.

We have to make Google believing his links were real !

So how did the website manage to improve over 90 keywords?

We included many LSI keywords around his backlinks. This does not work with generic spun articles. Mike's niche was unique and therefore unique articles was required.

All articles are uniquely written. (not spun)

Each article's is easily worth $5 in the market.

[ First time customers get freebies ]


At SEO Scientist, you get 300% efforts and freebies for your initial order. Consider it our welcome gifts :)

You get free, powerful but important components like Social Signals (Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and Web2.0 backlinks.

We SEO your site as if you are paying us for our private SEO services.

Bear in mind, most source-wave services are backlink services. It is like buying raw ingredients for your cake. You decide how much flour, cooking time etc. How tasty the cake tastes depend on your cooking skills.

I know it is cheesy but we have our own "SEO Recipe" for ranking our own affiliate websites. It is accumulated and refined from ranking our sites and most importantly, reverse-engineering the number 1 ranking sites.

Our huge customer database in Hpbacklinks.com allow us to SPY on many niches and SEO strategy adopted.

Currently, our database has over 1800 customers from different niches.

You will benefit from our insight sand experiences.

So Grab your freebies now before our slots are full.

[ FREE Consultation ]


With so many backlink services, how do you decide who to look for? You should talk to them before placing your order.

So let me advise you on your website.

Every site has a unique SEO profile.

Lets look at your ONpage/OFFpage together.

Don't rush into building backlinks when you are already sandboxed.

So send in your urls now.

I am already itchy to rank sites !

Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago
Thumb seo scientist full small
over 2 years ago

Thank you Mike for using our pbn links ! You got an Awesome site !

Medium seo scientist full small
Online6 months ago



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Underground SEO affiliate marketer since 2011. Favorite niches are FX, Stock Trading, IM and SEO. Spent most time writing reviews and testing seo techniques. Created many pbns and is one of the biggest PBN providers in hpbacklinks.com. BTW, do you know 50% of the common SEO beliefs?

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