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Hello Marketers,

Okay, here we are with a small offer. I am not sure how much it will be helpful for all of you because we love to do Web 2.0 of ourselves. But sometimes it's hard to create, manage and to post because it's time-consuming. So in that case, we would love to assist you.

One more thing Mr. Franklin Hatchett recommended our service and already using it. So it assure the quality of our work :-)

Before Placing order please read the details at below. Take your time which might save your money.

Modification FAQ's:-

No more modification for the below facts -

  • If you are changed your website after delivering the order. That's up to you we can't help you for that.
  • If you change your whole topic or niche and came back that you don't need this order thats not my fault. We cant help or refund in anyway.
  • If you don't provide any videos and images we will take care of it. But later you came up with your own images and videos after delivering the order will not work. Make sure you know your requirement.
  • You wrote 1 OBL for each post. After delivering the order you came back to add more links will not work. Please be specific what you want. We will proceed based on your given note only.
  • Indexing is not at our hand. Google takes long time to index now. We make sure all blogs are indexable. Now you need to take proper care for each blogs like creating 2nd tier links using PBN links or SAPE or GSA links or anything.
  • If you find any mistake or anything let me know. If we miss anything which you pointed before just contact with us. We will fix  it immediately whenever you contacted.
  • Can't add about us pages because it will require individual bio for each blog. If you can provide different bio we can add it for you.
  • TAT is 15-20 days here. Now you placed order and came back after 10 days with new requirement will not work. Because we always ordered the content immediately after the order. If you need to change any details or anything you can do it within 2-3 days after placing the order.
  • These are fresh blogs i repeat these are fresh and newly created blogs. So when you place the order means you knew that. Please don't put blame on us after delivering the order that blog has no PA or anything.

No replacement or modification service after 30 days of report deliver.


Manual work, no software used. Natural looking blog maintaining all things necessary for perfect SEO. We are using all popular platform here.


  • Manual process by our trained staff (No bot/software).
  • Safe for latest Google updates. Using VPN while creating each blog.
  • Overtime deliver.
  • Unique Username
  • Blog address (based on your demand. We can use random name or niche based name also which you prefer)
  • Link wheel (Optional if you want).
  • Relevant image & video where ever possible.
  • Contextual links.
  • Filler content like infographics, videos and others.
  • One handmade article for each blog writer by our writing team (Based on Kenya and Philippine)
  • Instant Indexer submission (It’s not working like before, but we can do it for you)


  • Your Website URL (1 URL per Blog)
  • Your targeted keyword you want to use (1 keyword per blog)
  • Your suggested video or images you want to use


  1. Report with Web 2.0 logins (mail, username, and password)

**How many blogs -

10 Web 2.0 for $40 (One post per blog - 400-500 words article)

If you need more than 10 blogs please check the below extras. We have 50+ different web 2.0 platform to use. For more blogs we will not repeat any platform twice. Each blog will be created on different platform.

**TAT -

  • 20 days

**Sample of Web 2.0 -

**Ranking Update -

Please note we are not providing any ranking warranty

Its just a simple link building gig. But we track our clients keyword who took our package. Here are few screen shot of ranking update after purchasing our package. No it doesn't mean that rank is updated because of our links. They might be used other sources but we still can count it.

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14 days ago
Great quality again. Recommended.
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about 1 month ago
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about 1 month ago
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about 1 month ago
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about 2 months ago
Good backlinks. Thanks.
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about 2 months ago
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about 2 months ago
Its been almost 10 days since I received my report and out of the 10 blogs I ordered only 3 got indexed by Google. I am willing to change my review if the seller can do something and ensure all 10 blogs are indexed in Google. I would not recommend this to anyone only becasue of the indexing issue and therefore is very low value on the 40USD spent. The content was not bad though.
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2 months ago
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
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We are a small team working on SEO field for the last 6 years. Here we breaking down our services into small pieces and try to sell here to earn some extra bucks. Please note we are not expert but experienced. So we know what we are talking and what we can provide. So lets do some business.

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