Destroy Competitor Websites with Negative SEO

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14 days on average

Are you working like a DOG to build your PBN links to get your local site to the number 1 spot!

Is there a way it could be made easier,

well yes there is.

I will destroy your competitors for the niche keywords you are trying to rank for.

Whilst you work away building quality links to your site with PBN's I will destroy the crap out of your competition by using my PBN network and associates of mine to post seriously over optimized links from crappy PBN's with crappy DA, TF, CF 

Yep, that's right I have bought a pile of crap to help destroy my competition in my niche and guess what, it worked like a dream.

This partly came around by complete accident, as I purchased PBN's for my site it did more harm than good due to my inexperience in buying domains. So, yep I'm stuck with these for the time being and instead of just getting rid of them I decided to start posting over optimized/spammy links for my competition on them. 

Well, after about 4 weeks I saw a massive drop in their rankings.

I like to refer to this as REVERSE SEO tactics.

I will set up a reverse SEO campaign for you over a 4 week period and destroy your competitors.

If you don't like the idea of underhand tactics that's fine, I get it..keep plugging away with your PBN's, however, if you want results quicker let me help you...there can be NO COMEBACK on you, I take all the risk. The links come from all over the world and there will be that many it will almost be impossible to reverse.

Simply give me the keyword or phrase or brand and let me do the work.



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