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Order a pre-approved Adsense account here. 

If you're new and don't have website, this service is perfect for you.

If you've been banned from Adsense, all is not lost. With our service, we'll get you up and running again with a new pre-approved Adsense account.


Are these permanent? Yes.

What if I live in Asia country? Sorry, we're not processing Asia countries yet. 

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6 months ago
Over delivered in Quality. Exceeded my expectations. Varied sites which Google will love. Thank You
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6 months ago
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6 months ago
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over 3 years ago

Will the adsense account that you provide be banned in future ??

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over 3 years ago

No it won't. 

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over 3 years ago

sorry I confuse click on report as spam.... It isnot my intentional..

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over 3 years ago

 I dont understand how its possible to get a new adsense acccount??  dont they recognize the name and address from your previous banned account??  I tried opening another one under a different email address and they alerted me I already had an account

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over 3 years ago

You need completely new address and bank information. That's the only way. Then you replace with these new information. If not then of course Google will ban you again.

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over 3 years ago

Yes, clowner123, I'd like to learn more.  Does it remain in someone else's name and then you switch bank information and go through the deposit verification process. Don't they get alerted that it's the same bank account as another member (you)? Or do you open a new bank account somewhere and they don't check the name, and since it's a new account number, they don't discover it?  Is there a chance, the person whose name it is, is able to switch it back to his bank?

I bought one of those made for you sites, where they guarantee $100 the first month. Seemed too good to be true, but since it had a money back guarantee, I thought why not try it. Now I know why not.

Because they break the TOS.  Somebody told me after the fact, the only way they can guarantee it is with either outright click fraud or with media buying, which is also contrary to the rules, even though it's not evil, per se, like click fraud.  Media buying will get genuine targeted traffic, so the advertiser could make sales, but it's arbitrage and against the rules.

I was wondering how in the world anybody would ever get to the site, as the content was all going after the same basic high competition keyword and it was a mainly duplicate, but also had terrible spinning as well.

I rewrote it to make it grammatically correct and 100% copyscape original, and I'm totally expecting them to say that since I modified it, there guarantee does not apply, when my modifications had nothing to do with losing my account.

Lesson I should have learned long ago: If it seems too good to be true, don't do it,Rambo!

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