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What is a Playlist Power Punch?

Step 1)
I take your Video and create a Playlist on one of the Video Marketing Group's Youtube Channels. This particular Channel is an Aged Channel over 10 Years Old. It was Registered in 2006 and so it's a Pre-Google Youtube Channel and has over 280 Subscribers and growing in Subscribers each day. The Channel itself is also being Juiced Up with Quality Trust Flow links and links from Niche Relevant Blogs. It currently has a Page Authority of 48 and this will be gradually increased over time.

Step 2) I then search Youtube looking for a min of 5 Niche "Authority" Videos that have a minimum Page Authority of 47 and good Social Signals.

Step 3) These "Authority" High PA Videos are then added to the Power Playlist with your Video at the Top of the Playlist.

Step 4) I will then create an Original Themed Article based on your Keywords which will be 100% Copy Scape passed and add this to the Description area of the Playlist.

Step 5) I will then take your Money URL and add that to the Description area of the Playlist.

Step 6) I will take your video and embed it on 50 PBN's with a link back to the playlist. The PBN’s are made up of high quality, aged domains, that are socially connected and back-linked, and have a large geographical spread for IP diversity.

With each embed you will get over 20 additional backlinks and embeds to the post from highly themed accounts that are interlinked and provide authority and trust!

Step 7) I will then take the Playlist Embed Code and SEO the iframe with your Keywords.

Step 8) I will them Embed the Playlist into a minimum of 1000 Niche Specific Blogs themed and Relevant to your Niche.

Step 9) I will also Link Out to the Playlist Url on Tier 1 treating the Playlist as a Money Url. This will mean you will also have "Tiered" Niche Relevant Backlinks to the Playlist.

Step 10) I will then send the links for Indexing and send you a Report showing all that has been done.

NOTE - Playlists are generally under utilized as most marketers just create a playlist with one video in it or with a few videos on their own channel. Now you have a really powerful way to leverage Authority Videos and give more Power to your Video.

High Authority Videos
Videos with High PA
Social Metrics
Playlist Embeds
Niche Relevant Backlinks
"DO FOLLOW" links
Relevant Comments
Original Articles

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